Meet the Healers of Back Benders

Dr. Betty, Owner of Back Benders

Dr. Betty Hernandez-Tupta

Chiropractor · Biofield Tuner · Crystal Healer · Pilates Instructor

Certifications + Training
· Advanced Biofield Tuning 1 (Feb 2020)
· Biofield Tuning Practitioner (Nov 2019)
· BASI Pilates Certified Teacher (2019)
· Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy – Certified Crystal Healer (2016)
· Southern California University of Health Sciences – Doctor of Chiropractic (2002)


I became a chiropractor to help patients reach their full potential in the most holistic and natural way possible. 

In particular, I wanted to help women. Too often, we women think and care about everyone first, before we think about ourselves. It’s paramount that women not relate self-care as something selfish. By honoring ourselves, our bodies, our souls, we are even more capable of taking care of those around us.

Kim Cuna, Pilates Instructor

Kim Cuna

Pilates Instructor

Certifications + Training

· Polestar Pilates (2016)
· Fitness Pilates Educator (2014)

Although Pilates has always interested me, I was immediately drawn to the effectiveness it had post-pregnancy. With a background in fashion, becoming an instructor was stepping outside the box for me, but after seeing the positive effects on myself, mentally and physically, I couldn’t help but want to learn more! Now, I can’t imagine doing anything else but teach. I love that I’m able to help people feel better about themselves, and especially love seeing my clients progress and grow stronger everyday!


Octavia Sisley

Pilates Instructor

Certifications + Training

· PMA Pilates Cert (full comprehensive education in mat, reformer, exo, ladder barrel & RTC) (2020)

· YogaWorks Wall & Mat Pilates (2016)

· Lagree (2017)

· TRX (2016)

· Spin (2016)

My first Pilates session was when I was 15 and nothing has changed my life more. I am extremely passionate about teaching Pilates after seeing how it has changed lives for men and women in their fitness and/or healing journeys. The mind/body connection is just a beautiful side effect in this life affirming practice. My sessions are intended to make everyone feel more confident and energized in their bodies, and for individuals to have FUN while moving in a beautiful and beneficial way.