Pilates is an innovative and complete mind-body, resistance-based workout using both your own body’s resistance and external resistance in the form of the Pilates equipment, balls, and light weights.

Pilates focuses on your core mind-body connection of breath to movement. We work with slower, more conscious resistance-based movement, focusing on form and working the muscles in proper posture and neutral spine alignment, to strengthen your core, improve your flexibility, posture, and balance, and help prevent and relieve pain symptoms.

Sessions are broken down into 3 categories:

Introductory (for New Clients)
All new clients must go through a private lesson with one of our instructors, even if you’ve practiced Pilates before. This lessons consists of a physical and postural assessment, proper postural engagement review, basic Pilates principles, and trying out the Pilates reformer. It allows you and your future instructor to get to know each other, too!

Dedicated one-on-one session with your instructor. This is especially recommended for those working through chronic pain or an injury that requires special attention.

6-Week Small Group Pilates Series (currently suspended due to COVID)
An outcome driven, 6-week series of classes in an intimate, 3-person group setting. This series is directed by Dr.Betty and led by our experienced Pilates instructors. 

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